Clinical Analysis, For Less

HealthCare research, performed by dedicated physicians,
for a fraction of the price.

What We Offer

We are one of the most affordable clinical research services in the US.
Just send us your requests and our team of specialized clinicians will get to work immediately.

  • Pilot Studies

    Pilot Studies

    “By how much does our product improve patient outcomes?”

  • Product Testing

    Product Testing

    “Is our software ready for full-scale deployment?”

  • Market Analysis

    Market Analysis

    “What are our total available and serviceable market sizes?”

  • Sales Strategy

    Sales Strategy

    “How can we best demonstrate our value proposition?”

  • Clinical Data Analysis

    Clinical Data Analysis

    “By how much can our product reduce provider costs?”

  • Financial Modeling

    Financial Modeling

    “What is the best way to monetize our app?”

How it Works

Step 1- Request Research

Request Research

You have a new product for the healthcare marketplace, but need clinical data to help fund, refine, validate and promote your technology. Submit your company information to Colony Health.

Step 1- Researchers Collect Data

Researchers Collect Data

A team of physician specialists will collect real clinical data based on a custom research protocol designed to optimize your product for the marketplace.

Step 1- Receive Analysis

Receive Analysis

Our clinicians and researchers analyze the data, and provide you with the evidence and answers you need to grow your company.

Step 4 - We provide the clinical solutions,
while you focus on your business

We provide the clinical solutions,
while you focus on your business.

Vetted, US-Based Physicians & Entrepreneurs

We hire only top-tier physicians with a history of clinical and research success. All researchers go through a rigorous vetting process to ensure the quality of our results. Combine these clinicians with our entrepreneurs and venture capital connections and you can be sure that we’ll design a project to accelerate the growth of your young company.

Vetted, US-Based Physicians and Entrepreneurs

Research Conducted in Top Academic Centers

Our research is conducted all across the country. We work with physicians at many of the nation’s top 15 hospitals according to US News and World Report. We provide your technology with entry into these medical centers to develop them in the most rigorous settings possible. You get access to real patients and facilities without the cost of hiring expensive consultants or building internal research teams.

Accelerate your Success

Colony Health is the secret weapon for many healthcare companies and startups who need inaccessible data quickly. We give you more time to focus on the big picture by navigating the complex landscape of medical research for you.

You’ll get your own team of qualified, vetted, US-based physicians who work remotely to get you the information and analysis you need to promote your company.

Accelerate your Success

Get clinical analysis
for just a fraction of the cost.

With our team of researchers, you’ll have unprecedented access to the information you need.